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Architectural Ropes
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Architectural Ropes

With our wide range of wire ropes, terminations and accessories we can offer solutions to almost every architectural challenge.

Stranded Wires, Wire Ropes, Rods

Our range comprises stainless steel cables in diameters from 0.62 mm up to 26 mm in various configurations:

  • Single-strand constructions: 1 × 7, 1 × 19, 1 × 37
  • Wire ropes with wire core: 6 × 7 + WC, 6 × 19 + WC, 6 × 36 + WC
  • Wire ropes with fiber core: 6 × 36 + FC, 8 × 7 + FC
  • We manufacture inox rods in diameters from 5.3 to 21.9 with optional external threads and wrench flats.

External and internal threads

Wire ropes and rods can be assembled with thread ends in different designs and configurations, including:

  • Standard external and internal thread ends, swaged
  • Vissline external thread ends
  • Univiss Plus external thread ends
  • External and internal thread for on-site assembly

End Stops and Fittings

End stops in different configurations help to attach wire ropes to posts:

  • Radius/Countersunk head ends
  • Clamp rings
  • Post fittings
  • Variball system

Turnbuckles, Clevis Ends and Eye Ends

able and tie rod assemblies need a tensioning device on at least one end. If this is not possible, we can supply a range of turnbuckles that can be inserted between the ends.
Clevis and eye ends can be attached to cable assemblies to attach them to eye brackets or other anchoring.
Our Forte program consists of external threads, turnbuckles and elegantly designed clevises for heavy loads.


We supply a range of hardware to attach wire rope assemblies to walls, posts or other structures.


  • Swaged loops with thimbles or threads
  • Loop clamps

Wire Rope Assemblies and Loops

  • Different assembly lengths
  • With internal or external threads
  • Wire ropes are assembled in lengths or delivered in bulk according to customer needs.

Rope clamps

Rope clamps attach intersecting wire ropes to each other. They increase the stability of wire rope figures. We supply clamps for up to three ropes.
Clamps can also be used to attach suspension ropes to posts and other supports


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